Astronaut Class

photography of starry sky

Meet the Class

Astronaut Class is made up of Sean Lazer (Vocals), Zachary Bogley (Guitar), Jake Rohme (Keys), Jamie Bartolotta (Bass), Chase Illig (Guitar), & Harrison Fletcher (Drums). Their new full-length album "5,4,3,2,1..." is out this summer!

photography of starry sky

Check out our singles "Light Speed Love Affair," "Ain't Done Lovin' You," "Keep it to Myself," & "Dancing For Two," in preparation for our upcoming full-length album, "5,4,3,2,1..." out August 9th

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The one thing astronauts like more than making music is making music videos... You might have thought it'd be flying in space but you'd be wrong

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photography of starry sky

Get ready to blast off

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